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Name:Daniel Liu

Course:VRQ Level 3 Professional Cookery

Next Step:Work in a professional kitchen

Profile:Adventurous. Energetic. Perfectionist.



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Absolutely exhausted…

Thought about blogging for a few days now but, to be honest, I’ve just been chilling after the visit of the Three Queens. It was such a buzz that I’ve needed a bit of time to reflect on a fortnight of amazing experiences.

Yeah, two weeks. It wasn’t just those few days when the ships were in. For me – and a load of other catering students – it was a couple of weeks of top end, once-in-a-lifetime work experience.

Heard of the Aquitania Restaurant? It was a pop-up restaurant at the Cunard Building, themed around the elegant age of ocean travel. It was really high end, top class dining – and I was involved in the planning and delivery.

It was a huge success too. We served over 2000 diners with afternoon tea and dinner during the time the restaurant was open and the response we got was amazing. It was absolute fine dining in a beautiful setting, with first class service.

We worked with our boss, Ian Jaundoo (the best chef I’ve ever met), on the concept and putting together the menus and then, it was none stop action. That’s what’s great about The City of Liverpool College: the tutors are at the very top of their games, we win loads of awards and we get opportunities to build our own reputations in the best real-life settings.

The menu was top notch, even if I do say so myself. It included smoked duck salad, baked salmon and my particular favourite, Roast Lamb Rump with black pudding croquette, asparagus, carrots, mint mash and port jus.

Even when I’m not making the most of opportunities like this, I’m learning my trade at the Titanic Hotel, which is renowned as one of the region’s best fine dining experiences. That’s how good the college is: the very best chefs in the very best establishments have the confidence in us students to let us loose in their kitchens.

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Grand National weekend! I love it.

The whole city buzzes with energy and everyone looks great, done up in their race day finery.

It’s a long day, though, for race goers and refreshment often tends to be of the liquid variety, especially when it’s really sunny. That means, by the evening people are often flagging and can’t take the party into town to enjoy their winnings – or get over their losses.

But that doesn’t have to be the case because I’m here to help. If you want to make sure you’re a winner at Aintree, whether your horse comes in or not, gallop through the rest of my blog.

If you’re going to be spending most of the day on your feet, in the sun, shouting at horses and shorter than average people, a good breakfast or brunch will set you up for the day (and the evening) ahead.

Brunch might be a made up meal but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a good one. For National day, I’d say, don’t go too heavy. Stick to something ‘breakfasty’, otherwise you’ll spend a good chunk of the day in a lethargic food coma.

Go for something with enough carbs to keep you going and plenty of protein to make sure you’re on point the next day. Something like grilled kippers would be good or smoked salmon with granary toast but I know that fish isn’t for everyone, especially of a morning so here are my top three choices and, if I weren’t working at the Titanic Hotel on National day, I’d definitely be eating one of these:

3. A modern take on the classic French Toast, with crispy bacon, berries and maple syrup on lightly toasted brioche.

2. You can’t beat Eggs Benedict, with thick cured ham and a soft poached eggs swathed in hollandaise sauce on a bouncy English muffin.

1. The Titanic Breakfast. Sure, it’s from our menu but crispy prosciutto, fried egg, sauté mushroom and grilled vine tomato on toasted ciabatta packs all the punch you’ll need tomorrow – or for any big day out.

Even if you’re not going to Aintree but will, instead, spend your day in the garden and maybe have a little flutter before enjoying the big race itself, make sure you have a good breakfast or brunch. Everything’s always better with good food.

If you feel good, you’ll always be a winner.

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About Me

I think my curiosity and need to always try new things pushed me in the direction of the kitchen. It’s not just exploring new places or discovering new hobbies that fires my imagination. Trying new food does too. As far as I can remember, I’ve always been like that.

It’s the sensation that food delivers. It’s like nothing else. Food can evoke memories, stir emotions, give pleasure or just explode in a riot of taste and make your senses come alive.

In fact, when I look back, I don’t remember ever wanting to be anything other than a chef. That’s why I’m lucky: Lucky to be pursuing my dream but even luckier that I can do it in Liverpool. You see, Liverpool not only has some of the best hotels and restaurants around – I know; I work in one – it also has The City of Liverpool College, which has, so far as I’m concerned, the best catering school you could ever imagine.

We are driven by perfection; that’s something that all of the students share with our tutors, who are critically acclaimed and gifted chefs. We are nurtured and guided but we are also encouraged to express ourselves and our styles.

That’s what I love about The City of Liverpool College, everything you do here, you do as the best, most confident version of yourself. You are also supported into the industry – I work as a commis chef at the Titanic Hotel – and you make great contacts for the future.

Food has the power to change people, to elicit an emotional and physical response. It is like art in that respect and there is nowhere better to create art than in an inspirational environment.

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