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A supported and dedicated early education is one of the most important factors in shaping a child’s future.

An early education improves a child’s learning, improves their confidence and their relationships with their peers. That’s why if you’re aiming for a career in childcare, then it’s absolutely essential you gain the necessary and fundamental qualifications.

Our courses at The City of Liverpool College are delivered by highly qualified teachers with experience in the industry, and are there to support you during your studies with us. Many of our students progress through our courses to go into one of the most rewarding and satisfying industries.

The childcare sector is full of opportunities, and there are options beyond working in crèches and nurseries. Our courses are delivered both in college and over placements, and have an emphasis on practical work to support you in your career working with children. 

19+ study loans opens doors...

Childcare is a highly vocational sector, meaning a significant number of our learners are adults changing direction in their career or returning learners after starting a family. That's why, where possible we offer the Advanced Learning Loan to cover the cost of your course. Twenty-five year old Access to Higher Education student, Robyn Comerford, featured in a national newspaper in June praising the virtues of taking out a 19+ Advanced Learning Loan for the course, which enabled her to study towards a midwifery degree. Follow her story and others here in The Guardian Newspaper.

Providing big opportunities for our learners

Learner, Nicola Calvert applied to The City of Liverpool College wishing to study a Level 2 Childcare course. During her application, there was much discussion around her suitability for the course. However Nicola was an enthusiastic and passionate applicant, and she was given a chance. Nicola grabbed the opportunity with both hands and excelled. She completed her Level 2 Childcare and was employed by the college as an apprentice. She achieved the full framework and was kept on by the college in employment. She has now just enrolled on our foundation degree in Early Years Education.

A day in the life..

The following is a moving extract of a student testimonal for childcare. This student wished to remain anonymous but wanted to share their experience of studying at The City of Liverpool College.

I got kicked out of school and did not think I would ever amount to anything this was due to having dyslexia... [I] did not care much for academic progress but then I got pregnant and this changed everything. I did not want my child to have the same outlook on schooling as I did. I started to teach my self how to spell and read and I went on a number of different courses working my way up to do Childcare Level 1 and then Level 3. Level 3 was my biggest academic achievement and I was satisfied with this. I always enjoyed looking after children and I have a very caring nature so I knew this was the area I wanted to pursue but I never thought I would do a degree. Then when I found out about the foundation degree course it was everything I needed. It allowed me to work and study which has not been easy but it will be worth while. I come from a family that has not gone to university and it was something I always dreamt of doing. When I got on this course I was over the moon, at the beginning I thought I was aiming high by wanting a degree and to be better at my job. Now my aspirations have changed. One day sitting in a lecture my tutor told the class that she used to work in a nursery and hearing this opened new doors for me. Although I love my job I realised I can do other things with my degree my lecturer was a inspiration to me. My dream aim is to own my own nursery that is Ofsted outstanding. I can also becoming a lecturer, teaching the subject I love.

With in my first year academically I have progressed a lot but also my own personal aims have changed. I decided at the start of this course to no longer let fear hold me back. Instead of making fear my enemy I have made it my friend and I will continue to strive to become the best me I can be. This course has opened new doors for me it's gave me a boost of confidence and belief I needed. As I am coming to the end of my first year I look back at times I wanted to drop out and I was so tired thinking I didn't have it in me to study and work full time but now I know I do have it in me and I have got what it takes  to make my dreams come true. I look back on my life and I realise I have come a long way. We need to give ourselves credit for the things we have already achieved in order to help us achieve new things.

What's on offer at The City of Liverpool College

What's on offer at The City of Liverpool College

"I have built loads of knowledge and experience at the college, the teachers have helped me secure a number of work experience placements in different settings working with different age ranges helping me decide on my future career".

Jessica O'Grady studying Level 3 Childcare in education

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