College Governance

College Governance

The public value delivered by The City of Liverpool College

The City of Liverpool College Group is one of the leaders in Further Education, and a key delivery vehicle of skills across the Liverpool City Region and beyond.

With an annual turnover of c£40m and thousands of enrolments in Liverpool alone, the College provides wide ranging services to employers, other providers and students. 

At the heart of the group is The City of Liverpool College. It is the only general FE college within the city of Liverpool and the largest FE college in the city region. The City of Liverpool College serves the people of the Liverpool City Region, supporting employers in creating a skilled workforce, responding to economic priorities and drivers for growth and supporting our students to achieve and progress in either education or employment. The College has the ability to respond to a wide range of demands, delivering with the impact and reach of a national training provider but retaining the flexibility and responsiveness to meet local needs.  

In an educational landscape that is changing ever more rapidly, the College occupies a unique space. It delivers the largest and most diverse vocational curriculum across the city region; offers a range of courses from entry level to degree; provides bespoke training hand-in-hand with employers in state of the art facilities; and continues to recruit students from a diverse range of backgrounds, supporting the college ethos of inclusivity.

The College recruits from thirty of the hundred most deprived areas in England; 93% of our students go on to education or employment. We believe that the socio-economic character of our student body makes high aspirations more important, not less, and that every student who stays with us should be supported to achieve and progress.   

The College supports students, communities and employers, and the Board of Governors believe whole-heartedly that the sum is more than its component parts – that each of the three can benefit the other. The College has worked with business to realise the biggest and best opportunities for students, and to play its part in creating a skilled workforce for the future.

Governance Arrangements

There are up to 22 members of the Board including the Principal, Elaine Bowker.  The Board meets at least seven times a year and is responsible for overseeing the mission and activities of the College and ensuring effective strategic management and use of resources.  The meeting schedule can be found here

The membership includes governors from a variety of backgrounds including local authority, business and the community.  Two members of staff from across the group are appointed as governors, as well as two students. The work of the Board is supported by the Group Audit Committee and the Group Finance Committee as well as task and finish groups.

The College Group has subsidiary companies which all have their own Boards and a memorandum of understanding is in place for each subsidiary company.  The subsidiaries are SharEd and Liverpool Business Services.  Each subsidiary company has at least one College governor appointed as a Director.  

On 31 March 2015, AoC Governors’ Council published the new Code of Good Governance for English Colleges which has been adopted by the Board at The City of Liverpool College.  The full Instrument and Articles of Governance can be found here.


Financial statements are available below.

Financial Statements for 2010-11 can be found here

Financial Statements for 2011-12 can be found here

Financial Statements for 2012-13 can be found here

Financial Statements for 2013-14 can be found here

Financial Statements for 2014-15 can be found here

Financial Statements for 2015-16 can be found here

Financial Statements for 2016-17 can be found here

Self Assessment and Evaluation of Performance

The Board of Governors regularly reviews its own performance in a range of ways, including open forum discussions at strategic planning events, feedback to the Clerk and completion of self-assessment exercises as well as drawing on external sources such as auditors and Ofsted.  As a result of self-assessment and evaluation of Board performance, a number of actions have been taken such as introducing limits to the number of terms the Chair can serve, streamlining the number of committees, moving to a simple form of e-governance and the introduction of a Performance and Quality Task and Finish Group.  The Clerk maintains a Board Action Plan which supports the performance and development of the Board.




Click here to view Board Minutes from our Board Meetings.


If you would like to register your interest for any future vacancies, please send a CV/profile to  Roles are unpaid, but reasonable expenses can be met. The Board is currently seeking additional members for the Group Audit Committee, either as a co-opted member or full Board member.  Applicants should have a strong background in auditing.
The Board maintains a level of openess wholly in keeping with being a body that operates in the public interest. It also includes both elected staff and student members as part of its Board of Governors.  Board agenda, papers and minutes are available for public inspection.  Please contact the Clerk to the Board for further information.

The Board must bear in mind that much of its business can be commercially sensitive. However, in some circumstances the Board may agree - by special resolution - to admit members of the public, students or staff to address the Board.  This would be decided at commencement of meetings.

Those wishing to attend a Board meeting should direct requests to the Clerk to the Board, ideally one week before the date of next Board meeting.

The same process would apply at committee level. Should a non-committee member wish to attend a meeting of one of the Board's committees, a request should be made to the Clerk to the Board, ideally one week before the meeting. For further details of the Board's public disclosure policy click here


Elaine Bowker

Dr Peter Tavenor

Tony Cobain

Louise Barry

Heather Bebbington

Frank McKenna

Clare Crowther

John Denny

Lydia Field

Sir George Sweeney

Hilene Henry

Cllr Patrick Hurley

Viv Lacey

Benjamin McGowan

John Nolan

Ian Pollitt

Hamrah Khan Amran

Stephen Sankson

Phil Sheard

Gill Williams

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