John Denny

John Denny

Chair of the Audit Committee

John Denny is the CEO of The Volunteer Missionary Movement, an Irish charity known as VMM International.

As a progressive faith-based development organisation established in 1969, VMM has placed over 2,600 specialist personnel throughout Africa on a range of projects that have had an untold positive impact upon the lives of those who are descriptively labelled as ‘the marginalised and the poor’.

VMM works in nine African countries playing its part to deliver upon the aspirations of the Millennium Development Goals, with a focus upon education and community development.

John has also led a number of organisations ensuring that they ranked alongside the highest performing in their sector, in every conventional performance sense on the one hand, on the other, working closely with various partner communities to create the opportunity for people to take control of their own lives, effectively raising aspiration and expectation. Key elements of this, for any given organisation, included the strategic decision to recruit 50% of colleagues from the communities they work alongside, the delegation of real power to tenants and the empowerment of colleagues to do ‘the right things’.

In balancing a portfolio of projects, John also contributes to the following:-