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What you need to know about this course!

As a Higher Education provider we comply with the Consumer Rights Act 2015 – set by CMA, Competition and Markets Authority. Our policies and procedures are compliant with the legislation and is written to protect your rights as a consumer of our service.

The full guide on your rights as a consumer are available here:

For an easy 60-second summary, read this leaflet:

Terms and Conditions

The College has adopted the same terms and conditions for fees as set by The Student Loans Company. Please find below two links which will take you to the documents with all loan information.

Please take note of page 5 as this sets out how much of the tuition fees are payable when you decide to withdraw from a programme.  This policy is also adopted when a student transfers from one institution to another.

The College offers the option to pay your fee in instalments. There are three instalments in line with when a student loan/grant is paid to the student from The Student Loans Company (the actual dates change each year but are always within the first week of these months). For current academic year the dates are; 5th November 2015, 5th February 2016 and 5th May 2016.

College fees are published on UCAS, the College website, in the College prospectus and on SFE/SLC.

Please note: information about optional units and any additional costs will be made available to you at interview stage. We will indicate how much these extra costs are or are likely to be. Where they are unknown or uncertain, we will set out how they will be calculated and whether they are optional or mandatory for undertaking or passing the course.

You have the right to cancel your contract with the College within 14 days without giving any reason. Your full rights under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 are available here:

Link to The Student Room (SFE/SLC info for students):

We hope that this information is useful and accessible and that you feel you have sufficient initial knowledge about the Higher Education programme that you intend to apply to with the City of Liverpool College. Please feel free to contact us should you require any farther guidance and clarification in relation to this information on 0151 252 3000.

What's on offer at The City of Liverpool College

What's on offer at The City of Liverpool College

College is much more flexible which suited me well. It also had a wider range of courses available to study than my school sixth form.

Liam Roberts successfully achieved A*, A, A Liam progressed onto the University of Greenwich.

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